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USM Health Campus History

In February 1979, Prime Minister, YAB Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has announced the government's decision to set up the third Faculty of Medicine in USM after setting up the same faculty at UM and UKM. The campus began to function fully in June 1983 to house the School of Medical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia Hospital and supporting departments such as libraries, student dormitories, nurse dormitories and hostel doctor dormitories. The Phase I Project involves the construction of lecture halls, laboratories, sports complexes, clinics, student dormitories and office space completed in May 1990. The Center for Medical Sciences moved to Kubang Kerian in June 1990. The Phase II Project was completed in 1996 Includes ward, hall, laboratories and office space.

Main Components of USM Health Campus

  1. Universiti Sains Malaysia Hospital (1983)
  2. School of Medical Sciences (1979)
  3. School of Dental Sciences (1998)
  4. School of Health Sciences (1999)
  5. Molecular Medicine Research Institute
  6. (2003) Clinical Research Platform (2003)
  7. Research on Health Sciences and Biomedical Research (2004)
  8. Departments under the Director of Campus

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