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For the development of a Craniofacial Centre in South East Asia, it is very important to have very wide knowledge on the matter with local interest. Therefore two research thrust is devised to ensure the various angles of multidisciplinary is covered.

a) Craniofacial Biology
The aim of this multidisciplinary research projects is to gather information from gross investigation down to molecular level that will develop new knowledge and understanding regarding the normal Malaysian craniofacial growth, development and function so as to enable craniofacial diseases be dealt with the correct intervention techniques, time, material and support.

The research team consists of anatomists & developmental embryologists,   molecular biologists & geneticists, dentists, computer scientists and a host of medical professionals.

The output of this project will lead to the development of new and innovative technique in craniofacial surgery, a healthier community and a data bank for forensic anthropology.

b) Advanced Dental Biomaterial
The aim of this multidisciplinary research project is to develop novel biomaterials that would substitute dental and bony tissues so that the normal oral health can be restored and rehabilitated to achieve normal form and function.

The research team consists of material engineers, chemists, molecular biologists and dentists.

The output of the project will lead to the development of novel and value-added biomaterials.




Abd. Hakim Basir
(Craniofacial Biology)
e-mail: abdhakim@kck.usm.my

Nor Shamsuria Omar

Haswati @ Norhayati Abdullah
e-mail: haswati@kck.usm.my