Title of Events

International Symposium on Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle and Low Cost Dumbbell Exercise for the Bottom Billion Workshop



For a Rich & Full Life – Daily Physical Activity for Optimum Health and Well-being



25th – 26th February 2010


General Introduction

We had witnessed meteoric development as a result of recent globalization in a flat world. Modern technology has assumed the traditional mode of work, lifestyle have underwent retrogression in terms of physical and manual work. Sedentary lifestyle and poor dietary habits were blamed to be culprits of the ever escalating numbers of obesity populace and non-communicable diseases. These problems are not only confined to the rich and developed countries, these maladies are also brewing up in poor countries woo to diets high in fat and carbohydrates and low physical activity.

Thus, the Nutrition Programme from School of Health Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia in collaboration with Waseda University, Japan and Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia are putting an effort to organise a healthy lifestyle and weight-management program which provides successful and economical strategies in building healthy eating habits and adopting simple and unique exercise using handmade dumbbells.

We now present the ‘International Symposium on Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle’ and ‘Low Cost Dumbbell Exercise for the Bottom Billion Workshop’


Expected Outcomes

Participants of the symposium are expected to understand healthy lifestyle concepts from different perspectives, to adhere to positive lifestyle changes and to adopt physical activity in their daily routines.


Intended Audience

Healthcare professionals which include health researchers, epidemiologists, nutritionists, dietitians, nurses, physicians, students working within the area of health, nutrition and sport sciences; as well as professionals and volunteers involved in healthcare services and healthy lifestyle.

Mini Workshop in Dumbbell
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